AAPS chooses Green as superintendent

After several rounds of interviews and a long period of deliberation, the AAPS school board chose Dr. Patricia Green to be the new Superintendent of the school district.

After a number of informal votes that tipped back and forth between the two final candidates РGreen and Michael Muñoz of Des Moines Рthe board voted 6-1 to offer the position to Patricia Green. Dr. Green is currently superintendent of the North Allegheny school district, north of Pittsburgh, Pa. Most of her career was spent as a teacher and administrator in the larger and much more diverse Montgomery Co., Maryland school district.

Once again, we recommend coverage from the Ann Arbor Chronicle, an excerpt of which appears below:

The board selected Green after lengthy deliberations, which included reports on reference calls, an extensive discussion of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and a number of straw polls displaying support for both candidates.

The fact that straw votes by trustees at one point had five of the seven supporting Muñoz – before the board eventually decided on Green – indicated that the board’s consensus was reached only with a great deal of effort. Board members frequently expressed their satisfaction with both candidates. “We have two excellent candidates,” board president Deb Mexicotte said. “This is good for the outcome but tough for making the decision.” Other board members agreed, frequently prefacing their statements of support for one candidate by allowing that, ultimately, they would be fine with either choice.

The full story can be found here:
AAPS Superintendent Choice: Hard Decision by Eric Anderson, published in the Ann Arbor Chronicle on 6 March 2011.